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Sarapis can assist  in managing the security of the information relating to your strategic challenges and your business and operational requirements.            

The combination of our innovative, systemic methodology already applied in numerous organisations by our team of experts in each field of information security enables us to identify specific risks and build a prevention, protection and management structure to meet your exact requirements.

Together, let us develop a durable relationship necessary in achieving the confidence and efficiency to be able to monitor the performance of your organisation!

SARAPIS (a limited liability company) is active in the domains of information governance and security. It provides consultancy and assistance to large companies and SMEs in the global information system security sector through auditing (normative reference documents, regulations & standards –ISO/IEC 27nnn series, ISO/IEC 20000, CRBF 97002, ITIL, COBIT, etc.), information systems governance, risk analysis, security policy, crisis management, activity continuity management, IT backup plans, control and monitoring.                               

SARAPIS comprises a team of 5 independent expert consultants recognised in the field of information security covering risk management, information systems, systems architecture  & networks, organisational resilience, data centres, and aggressive security.                      

In what respect is IS security strategic?                 

Information security impacts the governance of major groups and SMEs both from the point of view of conformity and management of risks as well as in performance and value creation.

The development of companies and their competitiveness in an increasingly complex global environment depends on the quality and agility of their information systems.            

Information security has become a strategic challenge for all countries in a globalised digital world. The French government now wants to assume a more aggressive role by mobilising industrial companies and services behind innovative projects in the area of cyber security.

To resolve these problems, efforts must now be made to ensure effective interaction within a systemic triangle:  strategy – information security – information systems. Inside this triangle:          

  • Information systems modify an organisation’s business processes and interact with their strategy, whilst information security impacts the governance of the organisation,
  • good governance requires a strategic alignment between information systems and information security in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.                     

Poor information and systems management exposes large organisations and SMEs equally in terms of performance and risk management, with consequences in the financial and legal areas and for brand image, labour relations, policies and sustainable development.